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Understanding Moon Cycles, Phases & The Effects of the Zodiac Signs

During the first part of this workshop you will explore the cycles and phases of the moon. We will then discuss how the zodiac sign that the moon phase is in, can further influence themes present during that time and how this can further affect our emotions & behaviours - it's all so interesting!


Understanding these energies will help you to navigate the constant shifts in daily living. Learning to navigate our life experiences light and dark or shadow as it is sometimes referred to helps to align more readily with the flow of the Universe. Integrating these concepts leads to a deeper understanding of how to co-create our lives leaving, fear, obligation and guilt behind to grow with inspired integrity. This knowledge brings a sense of ease and calm, a deeper knowing, and an acceptance of our higher self guiding us to follow our innate intuition.

Moon Stages

During this workshop, we will explore :

  • The significance of the two phases of the moon; the new and full moon - qualities and themes of these phases

  • The full 8 phases within the two cycles to broaden the understanding of the energies available for expanded understanding & manifestation

  • Understanding how the zodiac signs connect to the phases of the moon and how each zodiac sign provides further insight into themes & qualities during each phase

We'll also discuss:

  • The feminine energy of the moon 

  • The monthly cycle lasts 28 - 30 days, similar to the menstrual cycle of women

The greatest manifestion comes from the heart and from our emotions. Following the feminine emotional energy of the moon, combined with the wisdom presented in this workshop creates a natural place to begin your Astrological journey in co-creating the sacred life your higher self desires.

“The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It's always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it's a different version of itself.

Ari Rex


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Nancy does astrology natal chart readings, oracle card readings & workshops out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours.


Her first astrology chart reading highlighted the fact that she was an energetic, intuitive empath which challenged her desire to create healing spaces without loosing herself to other energies. When she learned about her energetic elemental distribution and how it played out in most aspects of her life as a modern Mystic her life shifted. It reopened her heart to her innate divine sovereignty, awakening, her direct compassionate style of communication in parenting, work and personal relationships allowing her to work with her own energy in a much more insightful and effective way.

Attending a workshop or having a private reading done will begin your journey back to yourself.

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