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Navigating Your Child's Natal Birth Chart to bring greater understanding to your child's emotions, behaviours and unique needs


with Nancy Drope,

Yoga Teacher & Astrologer 

Join Nancy Drope, for an astrology reading on your child's natal birth chart. These sessions are for the parent/guardian of the child and child is not typically present for the session. Children are welcome to be present if over the age of 16.


Navigating a Child's Natal Birth Chart is like using a “GPS” likened to A Global Parenting System for parents, grandparents and caregivers providing clarity, understanding, support and direction during their formative years . Your child's natal chart is a Soul Contract - their unique curriculum for this lifetime.


Purpose of these sessions:

  • to understand innate energies the moment the child was born, that reveal inherent qualities and tendencies of your child

  • discover how your child's mind works related to their astrology

  • discover how your child feels and relates to their emotions for greater understanding + learn unique tools and approaches to support their emotional needs 

  • to provide insight into your child's personality, motivations and desires

  • understanding your child's core wound (a unique struggle they will come up against throughout their life) + how to provide guidance and support with this throughout their life

  • to unlock unique potential

  • to discover who they are at their core from how they communicate to how they love

  • tools of guidance for your child's needs


Each planet in an astrology chart has its own unique template from vitality to emotions, critical thinking, love, taking action, life purpose, expansion, dreams, creating change and understanding and transforming  their core wound.


PRICE: $180 CAD - 1.5 hour private session


Sessions can be online over Zoom video or in-person, in Nancy's home, in the Queenston, Ontario area (Niagara-on-the-Lake).

BOOKING: To book a session, email: or DM on instagram (@nancydrope).


Payment through e-transfer and appointment time will be arranged through email to secure your reading.


Nancy does astrology natal chart readings out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours.


Her first astrology chart reading highlighted the fact that she was an energetic, intuitive empath as well as her unique personality challenges. She learned about her energetic elemental distribution and how it plays out in most aspects of her life as a modern Mystic. It reopened her heart to her innate divine sovereignty, awakening, her direct compassionate style of communication in parenting, work and personal relationships and allowed her to work with her own personality in a much more insightful and effective way.

Because astrology brought so much insight to her own life, Nancy has trained with Astrologers Debra Silverman, Rebecca Gordon, Malika Semper. She most recently completed training in astrology for children - Illuminating Children's Natal Charts with Tara Vogel. 


After an astrology reading, Nancy's clients have breathed a sigh of relief, gained confidence and adopted a lifestyle of ease with their new found insight and understanding of themselves.

A reading will begin your journey back to yourself.

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"Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind."

- Chris Flisher

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