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Astrological chart readings honour your Sacred Self. In a reading you will come to know yourself one delicate piece at a time. You will step into your life with purpose, clarity and begin by acknowledging your life lessons and wounds; to process your healing in a compassionate and fun-loving way, creating a new vision of your innate potential. Diving into your chart is like an archeological dig of permission to be who you truly are meant to be, not the perceived conditioned you. If you are struggling with limiting thoughts, feeling and beliefs, relationships or work, a reading is a great tool to start tuning into your elemental energy


Nancy does astrology natal chart readings out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours.


Her first astrology chart reading highlighted the fact that she was an energetic, intuitive empath as well as her unique personality challenges. She learned about her energetic elemental distribution and how it plays out in most aspects of her life as a modern Mystic. It reopened her heart to her innate divine sovereignty, awakening, her direct compassionate style of communication in parenting, work and personal relationships and allowed her to work with her own personality in a much more insightful and effective way.


After an astrology reading, Nancy's clients have breathed a sigh of relief, gained confidence and adopted a lifestyle of ease with their new found insight and understanding of themselves.

A reading will begin your journey back to yourself.

Image by Josh Rangel

"Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind."

- Chris Flisher


Intro Astrology Reading

1 - 2 hr private session 

$150 CAD - $250


Online or in-person. Includes reading on your:

  • Dominant Energy

  • Four Elements

  • Sun, Moon & Rising

  • Saturn Life Lesson


Knowing the above aspects of your chart will provide insight into your patterns, your personality, your emotions, your behaviours and how you relate to and navigate the world.


It allows you to get into touch with your intuition and better understand your needs. Understanding your chart and its elements also allows you to have greater compassion towards yourself, family members, friends & co-workers.


Knowing your ‘Saturn Life Lesson’ helps you to understand what you’re here to do on Earth.


PRICE: $150 - $250 CAD/session


Sessions can be online over Zoom video or in-person, in Nancy's home, in the Queenston, Ontario area (Niagara-on-the-Lake).

BOOKING: To book a session, email: or DM on instagram (@nancydrope).


Payment through e-transfer and appointment time will be arranged through email to secure your reading.

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