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Discover the Magic in the Conscious Universe

During these monthly workshops you will learn how to work with oracle cards as a connection between you and your higher power, what ever that is for you (Spirit, Divine Source, God, Buddha). Working with the Oracle Cards will ground your intentions in your sacred heart for the highest good of all. It is like having an open dialogue with the Universe shining a light on your path.


During this workshop, we'll first tune in with on open heart and mind to clear our energy.  This will provide you with focus for setting clear intentions of receiving messages for yourself or others for the highest good. 


Then we will discover how to ask the right question. Framing them with intention from your Soul's perspective which is very different then from your Ego's next fix. Understanding this will put your mind at ease to receive a sacred message.


The workshop then moves into how to draw a card (including discussion on demystifying superstitions and Oracle card misuse). Next, the fun begins with drawing cards, stimulating meaningful conversation, 'ah ha moments' and breakthroughs.

Learning to use Oracle cards as a daily practice is a wonderful way to intentionally ground each day. Having this practice gives you knowledge and can provide insight and understanding about your personal journey. Waking up to these patterns is a process and the Oracle cards are a wonderful tool to gently awaken you to your way of being in the world and in relationship with others.

Oracle Card Workshops are a FUN way to honour your sacred self. The environment allows for sharing in community and this is where the magic happens. Being witnessed in a sacred space creates a sense of safety for vulnerability to transmute into personal power. This workshop provides you with an opportunity to "Know Thyself" as quoted by the Oracle of Delphi. 


You will discover a space of deeper conversation when you step into the magic practice of the Oracle and it will be an elevated vibrational experience when you uncover a connection to your sacred Self.


During a workshop you may experience what's called a... 


This means a message from the Universe that are innocently and unknowingly delivered to you by someone else's reading

(i.e. a experience of synchronicity)


DATES: The next Oracle Card workshop taught by Nancy will be hosted by

Yoga By Abbey

SATURDAY September 23rd, 230PM - 430PM     

PRICE: $60 CAD/per person

BOOKING: Registration email

payment accepted through e-transfer.

** Oracle Card Workshops will be hosted monthly by Nancy. If you would like a private Oracle Card Party for you and your friends, (hosted in your home or have Nancy host one for YOU in her home), email her at



Nancy does oracle card readings & workshops out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours.


Nancy studied with Colette Baron-Reid, International HayHouse Author and Oracle Expert, to become a Certified Oracle Guide. Enrolling in Colette’s Oracle School has been one of the most enlightening experiences of Nancy’s life, and has now inspired her to share her experience and understanding of Oracle Cards and their power, a true gift.

She is now equipped with a skill set to lead you to shift you into your inner essence.

Attending a workshop or having a private reading done will begin your journey back to yourself.

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